Actuarial Services Provided by our Actuary

Our actuary, Aaron Deitsch, is a highly-credentialed and experienced actuary. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. As an actuary, he has served on numerous actuarial committees. Our firm's actuary provides actuarial assistance in several areas.

I. Employers

  1. Actuarial Services for Pension Plans.
  2. Review of Life Insurance Program.
  3. Review of Other Employee Benefit Plans.
  4. Outsourcing of Benefits.
  5. Risk Assessment, where applicable.
  6. Special Services.

II. Other Professionals

  1. For Foreign Pension Organizations: Representation in the United States by an Actuary.
  2. For Accounting Firms: Helping in the administration or audit of employee benefit plans as well as providing assistance in the audit of life insurance companies.
  3. For Law Firms: Helping attorneys solve the pension problems of their clients.

III. Individuals

  1. Assistance in retirement planning, including actuarial analysis of a participant's accrued benefit in a defined benefit plan, an examination of the actuarially equivalent options available at retirement or termination of employment and the valuation of benefits payable under a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.
  2. Review of Life Insurance Program.

If you have an actuarial question or problem, please complete our short Questionnaire below. Our actuary will provide you with some suggestions or direct you to other sources, without obligation. You may also call our actuary directly at 718-793-9885.


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