Form 5500 and the other IRS series 5500 forms must be completed annually by most retirement plans. If series 5500 forms are not timely filed severe penalties can result. The most common of the 5500 forms are Form 5500 C/R, Form 5500 EZ , Form 5500 and Form 5558 (for a 2 1/2 month extension).

  • For pointers on completing 5500 forms, visit our 5500 Form Pointers page.

  • Please download all 5500 forms you need from the following web sites:

  • Internal Revenue Service. Forms and Instructions
  • Internal Revenue Service. Publications
  • Maxwell Technologies
  • Drake Software

  • If you need help with form 5500 or any other of the 5500 tax forms, indicate your problem on our short form or call us at 718-793-9885 for further assistance. Our web site home page contains additional useful information about retirement plans.